Friday, August 20, 2010

POEM - Election Time Again, 2010

It’s election time again, two thousand and ten
It’s treason season again, democracy bargained
Conpiracy charging, voters chagrin
Mandarins and pretenders babbling margin while margarining
The malnourished still starving, more politicking than Garvey
This bus has no driving, everybody jiving
While infant mortality competes with police brutality
We're poor, can't keep the hospital fee nor hospitality
I mentioned treason, It’s like a free zone
Some of these candidates should be locked in prison like Lil Weezo
They’re polluting the air like dirty diesel
With pretentious claims while we know they ain’t got game
Lame is their name it’s a damn shame, they can’t even frame
The issues, one punch at ‘em and they are looking for a tissue
Crybabies and wannabees to me and Tundu Lissu
To certain parties, here’s advice gratis
We want some strong minded sisters, possibly literati
With minds fast like Maserati, can ride miles here to Babati
Not some picaninny with no merit
And nothing to narrate
And a diction I rate as irate
Exposure zero, a temper like Nero
Prima Donna Xeroxed, with minus dinero
While voters alooking for a hero
It's like we need prayers from Rev. Masanilo !

We’ve had, drug addicts and sellers
And all manners of hellraising yellers
Of questionable characters fellows
Who rightfully belong in gaol cellars
Left conversating with jailers
With no parole or bailout
But the dilapidation of my nation
Got a backflipping fascination with evil as a qualification
So now we don’t even know who to trust
So it’s a must that I bust with some blasts from the past
The stupid acocksure, while intelligence doubts
Sitting on the side, in a Socratic bout
While the violent usurpers are salivating for supper
And all the Mad Men are acting dapper than Drapper
Selling us a mani-festo, more like manure-festlove
The King is naked and we’ve seen his "tasty-clothes"
The ruling party is partying with no opposition
Winning by fiat, without real positions
Civil Society is really civil
Wouldn’t bat ana eyelid at the choir lead cause that’s evil
Democracy ? Failed electocracy
Controlled by a sick aristocracy

And to the real soldiers in the race, don’t lose face
Let’s start a revolution and the old chapter erase
Here’s what I tell you prospective MP’s
Go on with the good fight be all you can be
It wasn't that hard, in fact not at all
It wasn't that bad, to make the call
And name your name, for a proper game
It wasn't a chore, to settle that score
The ambition of my mission was to move doubts and suspicions
That your person was just fishy and of questionable dispositions
Now that is past, look ahead to the tasks
it's not a blast, it's a heavy thing to be asked
See the euphoria over you being a courier
Should never cloud your judgement in your new career
What career? We are just campaigning
And as everybody knows it ain't Champaigne-ing
Stay ever hungry, ever winning the people
Focused on the issues, ever strong not feeble
And there's much to learn, so you gotta ask questions
Always make the quorum, when you're expected in session
If at first you don't succeed due to some bad seed
Dust yourself up and take care of the weed
Not the smoke silly, the crowding empty calories
Strategize, even by moves in art galleries
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
And this stimulation ain't from cut and paste
So be original, and contribute something new
And don't get mixed up in the current stinking brew
Confidence is key, but it comes at a fee
You gotta know your subject well beyond a formal degree
And no improper use of the right pedigree
Hit your points home and feel free to spreee
A lot of them on the race lack humility
Make that the rock of your stability, the well of your ability
But don't be a doormat, that ain't fat, in fact it's wack flat
Just get them where it hurts and show 'em what you got
The war chest must manifest,
You're clearly invested in the race and the rest is your best
Don't compromise core principles for economic gains
They'll get you again and again til you're nothing but a bargain
So on this eve of this momentous election
I believe in your triumph, more than just a honorary mention



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