Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We will have a lean cabinet - Dr. Slaa

CHADEMA Union presidential candidate Wilbrod Slaa has renewed his promise to maintain a lean cabinet, if elected to the country's top job, in the forthcoming general elections.

"My cabinet will have no more than 20 ministers including their deputies to cut down unnecessary expenditure," he said on Wednesday shortly after his arrival in Kiteto District, Manyara Region from Dodoma.

Addressing hundreds of supporters who turned out at Kibaya Stadium, Dr Slaa said the current cabinet was unnecessarily too big and a heavy burden to taxpayers.

Dr Slaa told the rally that his government would provide free primary and secondary school education.

"Children will get free education from nursery up to form six," he said, stressing that education was among his priorities, if elected.

He said the so-called Tiger nations in Asia including Malaysia and Indonesia were now developed because they invested heavily in education.

"It is unfortunate that in Tanzania senior government official ride vehicles worth 200m/- instead of building health centres or classrooms," he said.

He said provision of free education was within the party’s reach as it has identified many sources of domestic revenue and another approach was to do away with profligate public spending.

He said, if elected, government officials would be using ordinary vehicles and not expensive fuel guzzlers. Dr Slaa said the government would also stress of prudent use of natural resources.

“It is pity to see people languishing in poverty as looters enjoy the country’s endowments,” he added.

Reacting to the promise made by the CCM presidential candidate, Mr Jakaya Kikwete, in Mbeya on the plan to purchase 400 bajajs to serve as ambulances in the rural areas, Dr Slaa said the promise was a " big shame."

“How can the government buy bajajs to serve as ambulances for the rural populations while a single minister is riding a car worth 200m/-?” he asked.

Dr Slaa also introduced to Kiteto voters the Chadema parliamentary candidate Mr Victor Kimesera and councillorship aspirants.

Mr Kimesera promised to make reforms in delivery of social services including education and health.

Author: Mwanakijiji


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